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Chip Seal

There are 3 types of chip seal we perform. 

Chip Seal - The first one is a maintenance chip seal, this is oil sprayed over your existing asphalt & covered with 3/8" chips. This will give your asphalt a thicker layer of wear coarse & protection from the elements over the years to prolong the life of your asphalt. This must go over the top of existing asphalt that is in descent shape, designed for roads, sub-divisions, millings, recycled asphalt. This is the most commonly used one & has been around for years. 

Scrub Seal - Is relatively newer, it is the same as above with a different oil & the oil is broomed into the cracks and covered with a 3/8" or 1/4" chip. It is designed for roads that are severly cracked & alligatored. 

Double Chip Seal - A double chip is designed for going over a well based gravel/dirt road. It is 2 layers of chip with different sizes of chips on each layer. Done properly this cheaper version of asphalt will last 30 years. 

These are brief discriptions please call with any ?'s or need further information.

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