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We offer 2 types of repairs for asphalt depending on severity of damaged area, (R & R &Mill & Fill). Our experienced staff will be more than honest in determining which method is best for your situation. Water drainage problems our specialty.

Remove & Replace (R & R)-This is the most common method of repairing asphalt. Saw cut, then remove bad area and replace or reshape existing base.  Then pave with new asphalt up to proper depth. To determine severity of damaged area we must see if it is an asphalt problem or a base problem. Sinking or heaving is a base problem and needs R & R patching, severe cracking in one location is an asphalt problem that is usually just in the first 1" of your asphalt. And that is where mill and fill and infrared patching come into play.

Mill & Fill-Usually for larger areas were base is stable. An asphalt milling machine will grind up the asphalt to desired depth. Usually 1" to 2" depending on damaged area. This works great for older asphalt that has been neglected or surface of asphalt is worn but still drains good.

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